I think it’s safe to say that we all want the big instant win, whether it’s the BIG payday, the prestige, the recognition, the 100,000 followers. All of these are the external validations that we all see, and many aspire to, but how many of us are willing to put in the hard work to get there?

The thing is we do not see the journey, the sacrifice, only the result, therefore it looks pretty appealing

I used to struggle with every sport I tried, at primary school, I was chosen for the football team . . . the reason behind this decision was that the school was so small that there were barely enough players to make up a full team, therefore every resource had to be utilised

They put me in goal, I suspect the theory was, this is where I would cause least harm – that was until I let in 9 goals in one match. Safe to say I have carried an extreme hatred of all things football related since, in fact, the word hate is probably minimising my feelings toward the game

I always used to accept the fact that I had no rhythm, timing, coordination or balance, basically all of the essential ingredients required to be good at most sports. Having accepted this, it gave me permission to never bother trying. The culmination of this was by the age of 20, I used to be quite proud and boasted to people of my lack of fitness. I would run up the stairs and be completely out of breath

Deep down I knew this was not a good way to lead my life. Through a whole host of traumatic events (probably best to save that for another post) I ended up going to the gym at the age of 23. Again, I was not especially good at anything, I did not excel with natural ability at any weightlifting exercise, except deadlifts maybe. In fact, for my weight and size, I was below average at best

Going to the gym and lifting weights can be very frustrating, most start the journey making very incremental progress, initially not seeing any results. Generally, we are surrounded by people in the gym who look at home there. They are bigger, stronger, fitter, faster –  to them, it all seems to come naturally (replace gym with social media and you should be able to see how this is going to link to business)

When I was 23, I was literally stuck in a really boring environment, there was no other option for me other than to either go gym or sit in my room and get fat. I decided to opt for the gym due to it being the least shit choice. 3-5 times a week I would go, never really seeing any difference. 18 months later though, I saw some people I had not been in contact with, each time they were like “holy crap, how did you get so big”. I had gone from 10 to 15 stone, I was not fat but in good shape, I had transformed my appearance. Without realising it at the time, I had also started to transform my mindset

At the age of 28, I was again in a similar place mentally to that which I had been at when I was 22. I decided to start boxing to change my life onto a more positive trajectory. Right from the word go, it was obvious . . .  I was still shit! I still had no balance, rhythm, timing or coordination (all pretty essential). I remembered back to how id first felt when I walked into a gym, barely able to lift 10kg dumbbells. I remembered not being able to see progress as I went along. I also remembered the end result

It must be great to be blessed with natural ability, I have however, over the years been fortunate enough to train with some top trainers in a wide variety of martial arts. Every time they will say something along the same lines. Natural ability is great, but without perseverance, consistency, and determination you won’t get anywhere. Often a lack of ability but strong determination can create a far better result

When I started boxing in 2010, I also started a business, it was soon obvious that I could not dedicate myself fully to boxing and business and get the results I wanted from each. I had to pick my horse as it were. I figured that business would carry my further and was better equipped to help me along the journey that I wished to travel in this life

This has meant that boxing has always been a hobby on the side. I have fitted in around my main passion which is property development. As such, I have not fully dedicated myself to it, I have not stayed consistent, these are the things you need for success. The results reflect this, my past 4 competitions since 2013 I have lost. I decided earlier this year that I needed to compete again. I’m 40 now, in 10 years il be 50, I felt if I didn’t get a win in now, I would look back in 10 years and be full of regret that I didn’t even try 

I knew I could not just jump straight in the ring and expect to get the win I needed. I knew it would take time, that I would have to stay dedicated. I knew I would need to work with a really good trainer who could guide me along

Since June, I have been doing this, getting up at 5:30 to do 1 2 1 sessions with an amazing coach, Matt Boxall. Getting in the gym the days between. I have even started pushing myself through my most hated past time – running (again there’s probably a whole different post with that one)

My point here is, I didn’t want to win . . .  I NEEDED to win. There’s a completely different mindset between those two words. I knew what I needed to do so I took action, I worked with the best people I could find to help make my journey possible. I did the things I hate doing with the knowledge that if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, with every excruciating move I was another step closer to the goal


It’s very easy to go on social media and see the pictures of the big sexy house, the person who has created it will often minimise what it took to get there. If you want it, then yes, it is possible, the main question is “Are you willing to put the work in to make it happen?”

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As always if you have any questions, please do feel free to get in touch?

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Until next week

George B 


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