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If you are looking for someone to just turn up and agree with everything you say . . . then I’m not for you!

If you are looking for someone who’s fearless when it comes to overwhelming challenges and has a relentless approach to achieving the end goal . . . then read on . . .

I’m not like a consultant who will just rock up to your business, throw a load of ideas at you, get paid, then disappear . . .

I’m not like an employee that you need to spend loads of time and money training up.

I come fully equipped with a specialist skillset of extremely high ambition, tenacity, energy and most importantly . . . experience in scaling businesses.

I get sh!t done . . . and done well!

“If you are not going to bother doing it properly, then why bother doing it at all?”

Every business I have been involved with has excelled . . . from a relentless focus on attention to detail.

I don’t buy into people’s lame excuses; I hold others accountable . . . the same as I hold myself accountable . . . if I’m wrong, I promptly admit it & I expect the same from others.

My service is completely bespoke to you, but here’s an outline of the formula we could follow;

We start off by looking at you, your life, your goals, your blocks and barriers.

** Spend a day in a beautiful location like a country house hotel. Enjoying amazing food whilst soaking up the inspiring surroundings. We get you out of your existing environment, away from the current reality, into a world of possibility and opportunity.

Only once this is completed and understood, will I even set eyes on your business. Its where you are going rather than where you are now that’s important to creating the future you.

** We generally need to spend around one day initially (depending on business size), looking at the people, the systems, the processes, and the customers involved in your business. We will leave no stone unturned.

After assessing all the strengths, weaknesses, hurdles and opportunities we will set about creating your own personal bespoke blueprint, giving you the path forward. Then comes the fun bit . . . THE ACTION!

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