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Hi I’m George..

I used to be a lazy, unreliable, unproductive drug addict and alcoholic. That’s before I sorted my life out and got into business, fitness and property . More on that later. First, it’s important you know…

I was one of life’s losers. I had a victim mindset & felt the world owed me a living.

I turned up for work on a building site one Wednesday, in March 2010, 30 mins late, stinking of drink and hungover as hell . . . the client took one look at the sorry arsed expression on my face and said:

“George, you are just one of life’s losers really, aren’t you?”

As much as I was angry with him, I couldn’t even argue as I knew it was the truth . . .

This may sound bad to some, but for me this was no rock bottom. I had already survived prison, heroin & crack addiction, multiple overdoses and failed suicide attempts. Depression was just a weekly state of being. This comment should have been like water off a duck’s back to me, but this time it stuck.

Ok, so I didn’t exactly jump out of bed the next day, swig back some carrot juice before practicing a morning meditation and yoga routine . . . no, instead I carried on with the self-destructive alcohol and drug infused lifestyle that I embraced, because that was all I had ever done and I didn’t know any other way… but it definitely left a scar.

This was one of the many catalysts in 2010 that lead to me saying enough was enough, admitting that I was powerless over addiction and that I needed to get help from others who had walked the path before me…

In getting sorted, I went on to:

2011 Launched the company Blackdown Shepherd Huts from nothing – it was turning over seven figures by the time I sold out to my cousin & business partner in 2015.

Re-developed & renovated five stunning period properties. Winning the Daily Telegraph Award for Renovation of the year – This was done with my company BlackOak.

Built a seven figure property portfolio. This now creates a “relatively” passive income (because nothing is truly passive, don’t believe the lies!) through a portfolio of holiday lets –  Otterhead House & The Old Chicken House.

Built the confidence to move abroad. My time is now split between UK / Bali (I get to spend my time surfing, doing CrossFit & exploring).

I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane 164 times – Watch the video here.

Competed in six boxing & cage fights (Won 2 / Lost 4). – Watch the video here.

Become physically and mentally fit & strong.

Picked up the camera and made well over 300 videos.

Started writing a book, because, well, naturally!

Transformed into a confident, reliable, honest, trustworthy person who contributes to society rather than just draining it.

None of this was easy… start up businesses are hard… living in cold damp houses while renovating them is hard… getting fit and healthy is hard…

Let’s be honest, most of the great things in life are hard . . .

work with me…

“The 1 % Club – You will be amazed before you are halfway through.”

“I’m not like a consultant who will just rock up to your business, throw a load of ideas at you, get paid, then disappear . . .

I’m not like an employee that you need to spend loads of time and money training up.

I come fully equipped with a specialist skillset of extremely high ambition, tenacity, energy and most importantly . . . experience in scaling manufacturing and property businesses to seven figures.

We look at you, your life, your goals, your blocks and barriers.

We look at your people, your systems and your processes and operations.

Only in understanding your true desires, goals and purpose, and aligning them to your business can we formulate a way to allow your business (the vehicle) to transport you to the end destination.

I have been relentless and obsessive in the detail of turning my life around and building companies that set me free to live and work wherever I want in the world. . . When we work together it will be the same.

I get sh!t done . . . and done well.

“If you are not going to bother doing it properly, then why bother doing it at all?”

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