So, you want to create a super high end, desirable property development but you only want to spend a tenner, yeah? 

You have stumbled across this blog, and you are hoping that it is the one stop magical solution to your problem, yeah? 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the magic pill you desire does not exist!

I appreciate that I have probably lost half the readers already, that’s fine, I don’t ever aim to speak to the masses. The people I seek are in that rare >5%. You are the ones who realise that indeed, the world does not owe you a living, that yes, often life is unfair. You understand that to reach your goals, the road is not going to be paved with gold, instead it’s got some horribly steep gradients, lots of potholes and there’s a good chance it might rain

If you can accept that to get ahead of the “average” Joe, you are indeed going to be required to work a lot harder AND smarter that the average Joe. Another bombshell for you – I don’t subscribe to the work smart not hard philosophy that many preach. Instead, work your arse off, but be smart with how you invest your time energy and money, to create the life you want

Once you have reached that stage, you can indeed put your feet up (if that’s what you desire). Just don’t expect this situation to be handed to you on a plate – if you are starting out with limited resources

Ok, so back to the matter in hand, obviously you cannot create spectacular, desirable renovation’s out of thin air (or with a tenner). You can however avoid some common mistakes and save a load of money along the way

The main thing I see, is the assumption that top quality MUST mean that it is going to cost top price. It doesn’t have to. I have worked for some extremely wealthy individuals over the years, many would insist on only buying the very “best” of everything. In their minds, this meant buying the products that had the highest price tag attached

I would look at the finished result and the sad fact is, that just by throwing a load of money at something does not automatically mean it will look amazing – there’s an old saying “money does not buy taste”. Sometimes these products can be really good, other times you are just paying for the name

If you want to create a high end, high quality, super desirable property development that will attract the best possible price and give you a super sexy profit margin – then you are going to have to spend a bit of cash to get there. Simply throwing money at it does not solve it though

The thing that many do not realise is that with well thought out design you can create huge amount of value, it doesn’t have to cost huge sums of money. It does however require time and effort

This is not only working smart but also working hard

I have been fortunate enough to work with some extremely talented interior designers over the years. Just as with any trade, there are good ones and bad ones. A bad one can cost you an absolute fortune, not only in their ridiculous fees but also with some of the crap they buy (I have witnessed some eye watering examples). I always approach with caution when working with someone new, essentially, it’s their job to spend my money – this makes me very nervous! 

A good interior designer is worth their weight in gold though. They can elevate something from being very good to absolutely spectacular, often with some very clever but simple touches. We cover a whole section of the secrets they use in my course. 

You will still need to spend money in certain areas, the trick is knowing what does require the top end finish and what needs to be good, but doesn’t need to have a top end designer name tag

As with most thing’s in this business, it’s about understanding how different parts of the jigsaw fit together to create an amazing product. Once you understand the formula it’s simply a case of assembling it 

For those of you who are keen to start their journey, I have created a Free mini course, it’s packed full of useful info

By the end of the course, you will be able to;

  1. Get yourself in the perfect position to invest in your first property 
  2. Understand how to minimise risk with your first property investment
  3. Point out what REALLY adds value to any property renovation
  4. Maximise the end sale price of your first investment property so you don’t leave any money on the table

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As always, if you have any thoughts or questions on this or anything else property related, I would love to hear from you?

Cheers George B


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